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Freeloaders in Second Hand Beds

Freeloaders in Second Hand Beds

You might be getting more legs than you paid for with that second hand bed

Need a spare mattress for visitors or the kid's room? If you are considering picking a mattress up from a friend or buying a second hand mattress, you might want to also consider what could be lurking inside it.  

And there is quite a shopping list of potential free loaders.

A new bed arrives empty and then you sleep in it. And that's were the trouble starts. Perspiration, skin and then dust mites. Everyone perspires in bed - some people up to a litre a night. And we all shed skin. Both of these end up in your bed. Dust mites love shed skin and so your bed is a very attractive home for them. As is your fabric lounge suite. 

Dust mites also excrete and reproduce and die, so in fact, your bed is a kind of personal dust mite cemetery and dung heap.   

How are you feeling so far? But wait, there is more!  There is also the small matter of the bacteria and fungi spores contained in your mattress and pillows that develop as a result of all the other activity.  

The good news is that it isn't actually that difficult to deal with this little ecosystem. If you want to be rid of them, just ensure your bed has a washable cover that can be washed in warm water and you wash it weekly at 60 degrees celsius or more.  

And perhaps reconsider that secondhand mattress and get a rebuilt one instead. 

Images: Shutterstock / Unsplash | Alisa Anton
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Simone N

Holy cow! I had not thought of this. I have had my mattress for about 8 years and I love it but now I'm concerned. I did read a great article yesterday about how to clean/refresh mattresses and pillows. Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Chris L
Home Produce Grower

This really makes you wonder about hotel beds doesn't it! Friday, 5 May 2017