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The Highly Refined Art of Jar Matching

The Highly Refined Art of Jar Matching

Jar matching individualises your pantry and offers clean, functional storage

The first and most important thing to know about jars is that your grandmother was right to keep them. Glass is clean, non porous and doesn't leach chemicals into your food. It also lasts forever. Whoever convinced us that we should be storing food in plastic must have had a big marketing budget because plastic is not only bad for you and the planet, it's also a waste of money and it's not even attractive.

Every time you buy a product in glass, you are also getting a free, clean, air tight, long term storage container. A storage container for food, objects and pretty much anything really. Instead of racing off to Ikea or the Perfect Pantry Shop, you can easily build your own unique, personalised storage system by just thinking a little more carefully about the containers you purchase food in.

If  you purchase the same thing often, like mayonnaise, always buy the same brand. You will most likely find that there are various sizes in the same product, but the jar shape and lid colours are generally the same.

When you place jars in your pantry, if you want it to look good, simply group similar looking and sized jars together. If you are striving for an even more perfect match or you have issues with some of your lids (like the smell adhering to tomato product lids), you can always purchase lids separately or use lids from other jars. Most jars, irrespective of size come with similar sized openings - regular (6.03cm) large (7.6cm). 

Other tips:

  • Clean off labels and label glue readily with the assistance of Eucalyptus Oil. 
  • If you are putting anything acidic like vinegar into a jar, choose one with a plastic lid so it doesn't corrode.
  • You can freeze food in glass. Just take care when you place it in the freezer and make sure you leave headroom for expansion of liquids as they freeze.


Images: Trader Joes | Unsplash - Laura Mitulla / Yulia Khlebnikova

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Simone N

I've also picked up some awesome jars at the op shop and careful jar selection when purchasing foods also returns in gifting vessels for when you get your DIY on :-D Tuesday, 28 April 2020