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How can we all support biodiversity?

How can we all support biodiversity?

World Environment Day theme 2020 is biodiversity. Supporting biodiversity isn't just about counting koalas & planting trees

That's not to say that we don't need to count flora and fauna and plant trees, but when it comes to our shared responsibility and what we can do better to promote, support or not diminish biodiversity, it's as much about the way we live and the things we do that impact biodiversity. Even if you never see a koala or a whale in your life, know that the things you do every day are making decisions about how our flora and fauna lives and dies.

By thinking of the way you personally impact biodiversity, it's easy to see how everyone can make a difference at home & work. While it's our planet's wonderland, it's also our shared lifeblood. Here are some of the most simple ways everyone can support biodiversity:

  • Recycle your stuff | recycle onshore
  • Switch out toxic cleaners at home & office
  • Offset your emissions | planting trees 
  • Ban single use plastic water bottles from everywhere in your life
  • Don't use Palm Oil | save rainforests & orangutans
  • Don't use cleaning chemicals | save marine life
  • Limit micro fibres | save marine life & yourself
  • Don't fly unless you have to | reduce emissions
  • Read labels & increase your impact awareness
  • Kiss a frog - all frogs are princes (of the planet fauna). Some are princesses.
  • Know the biodiversity impact of products you use or make
  • Don't blast 46,000 yo sacred First Nation sites into space | respect
  • Support renewables | phase out coal

And finally, taking a line from #blacklivesmatter, SHOW UP! That means if you say you are going to do something. Do it! 

Image: Unsplash | Christina Jahl

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