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Is overfishing as bad as it seems?

Is overfishing as bad as it seems?

The World Counts clock says we have 26 years of fish stock left at current behaviour. That seems like a yes, this is bad

Understanding the true state of our oceans is confusing. Films like Seaspiracy have us giving up seafood, recent fish stock replenishment info has us back eating Tuna, understanding by-catch has us giving up prawns and the state of farmed fish is enough to literally send us to hospital. 

We recently received articles from Coty Perry, Your Bass Guy about the state of our marine life, as seen through the eyes of a fisherman. Coty says that over the past 40 years, there has been a 39% decrease in marine species in general. This doesn’t only apply to fish, but to all marine life. Much of the loss is bycatch, which kills hundreds of thousands of dolphins, whales, and seals every year - along with a zillion fish.

It is believed that as much as 90% of the ocean's fish stocks are depleted and in danger of being completely eliminated. It is well documented that many observers think that without intervention, there is a real possibility that all of our ocean population will be extinct by the year 2048. 

We're wasteful, hungry and there is more of us

Our population is increasing by the second, we’re catching about 179 millions tons of seafood per year and discarding nearly 7.5 million tons. The technology to help catch fish is constantly improving so it is easier to acquire as long as you can find it. And when you put all of these factors together, the demand for marine food far outweighs the supply.

The World Counts Clock

Fish simply cannot reproduce fast enough to replace what we eat - to the point where The World Counts says we have only 26 years supply based on our current consumption and behaviour. 

Bycatch management

There are a number of devices now in the market that use sonar to basically signal sea mammals to 'stay away'. An example is Fishtek Marine's Banana Pinger that fishermaen drop into their nets. It operates by emitting randomised high frequency ‘pings’ which are detected by sea mammals who rely on echolocation to communicate and navigate, therefore warning them of the presence of large fishing nets.

Fishing bans

Around the world, protector groups like Sea Shepherd are calling for a global ban on longlines, driftnets, drag trawl nets, and purse seine nets. They also want the elimination of all commercial fishing vessels with crews exceeding six individuals.


About Your Bass Guy

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