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Mum, who’s cleaning up this mess?

Mum, who’s cleaning up this mess?

So far, none of the Dads seem to think it's them so it's a job for the kids.

Coca-Cola, Schweppes and Lion Nathan’s refusal to clean up their own mess, choosing the short term company bottom line at the cost of our children's future really is one of the most bizarre standoffs. Including some of the most ridiculous rhetoric you will ever hear, like this gem:   

'The public are unlikely to claim deposits. You have to hang onto your empties. You got to drive to a depot to claim back 10 cents per container to get $2 or $3 back per week. Well, you spend more than that on petrol'.  Is he serious? The author of that statement, Gary Dawson from the Food and Grocery Council, certainly looks old to have been a kid who collected bottles for deposits. Maybe he had rich parents.

Somehow I don't think kids have changed that much. Or that the residents of South Australia, where the recycle rate of drink containers is 80 percent, are any different to the rest of the country, who recycle at 27 percent. Frankly the hardest decision we need to make is whether to be annoyed at being treated like idiots or to laugh when Gary Dawson uses petrol as a recycling comparative. 

Well Gary, NSW is coming on board by July 2017, which will probably see Qld follow.

While you are waiting for the bottlers to finally get with the program and pay up, get with the program yourself. Get a reusable water bottle  - preferably metal - and ditch plastic. If you are buying disposable drinks, choose drinks in cans when you have a choice. Cans are 100% recyclable and they can go in your council recycle bin.

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