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One tonne of plastic every minute

One tonne of plastic every minute

Here’s something that no one tells you - Australia generates one tonne of plastic waste every minute. Enough to fill a shipping container

Every. Single. Minute. A recent study showed that Australia is the most wasteful nation in the developed world with a recycling rate less than 13% - meaning that Australia generates more single-use plastic waste on a per capita basis (ie; for each person).

Moreover, Australian households are the largest contributor to plastic waste, responsible for approximately 1.2 million tonnes each year. But across the world in other developed nations, significant positive progress has been made. For example, Germany, has the highest recycling rate in the world at 56.1% and this is largely due to policymakers making producers responsible for the packaging waste they create.

Currently, the Australian Government's response to the plastic problem is dependent on meeting the targets set out in the National Packaging Targets. However, there are no binding requirements for the industry to take any of these actions, and no financial consequences for noncompliance and failure to meet the 2025 plastic targets.

Understanding that inaction is not an option for Australians and radical intervention is needed, Resparkle has recently launched a new environmental initiative, It Only Takes A Minute. The campaign’s goal is to 1440 Australians to take just one minute out of their day to make a pledge by either:

  1. Signing their petition to the Australian Federal Government to radically escalate its commitment to working towards its 2025 plastic targets; or
  2. To take a pledge to make small changes to daily habits that will reduce plastic use and plastic waste. To help them on their journey to lower-waste, they will receive a free e-guide “Your Ultimate Guide To Conscious Living”, which is jam-packed with simple ways to do life with less environmental damage.

Why 1440 minutes

Because that's how many minutes there are in a day, and if Australians took just one minute each day to make a change, it would remove 1,440 tonnes of plastic waste. Every. Single. Day. Sarah Wilson alongside 34 other Australian eco-brands, have joined to take their minute with Resparkle due to their collective belief – when we come together, we can make real, ongoing positive change. To learn more about the campaign, including the campaign video, ways you too can make a change or to take the pledge, visit It Only Takes a Minute.

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