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Use Eucalyptus Oil to Dissolve and Clean Sticky Label Adhesive

Use Eucalyptus Oil to Dissolve and Clean Sticky Label Adhesive

The world's best and simplest label remover

Eucalyptus is the most magical potion in the world when it comes to removing sticky labels from jars. It cleans surfaces perfectly, setting them either for new labels or simply clearing the glass. 

Put some Eucalyptus Oil on a cotton ball and apply to the adhesive or surface you are wanting to clean or dissolve.

The amount of oil required depends upon how much work it has to do. Try and scrape as much of the paper and gum off as possible before applying the oil. This generally means that the oil has less work to do, getting past plastic coated labels and thick paper toward your adhesive.

Once soaked, let the oil sit for a minute and then rub it off, using the cotton ball. Use a clean cloth to remove excess oil once you are satisfied all gum has dissolved. You may also need to wash the jar if you can still feel any residue.

Eucalyptus oil composition

Eucalyptus Oils are comprised of more than 100 different natural compounds. The active ingredient is 1,8-crineole (Eucalyptol), which is 70% or more of Eucalyptus Oil. It also contains alpha and beta pinene, phellandrene, limonene, camphor and sabinene. 

What else can you use Eucalyptus oil for?

Eucalyptus Oil is a natural cleaner, freshener, disinfectant, sanitiser and deodoriser. Eucalyptus Oil is perfect for use in the bathroom and toilet. As a cleaner it acts as a natural disinfectant and quickly and easily removes grease and stains.

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