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We're at AREDAY Global Summit, Aspen, Colorado 2018

We're at AREDAY Global Summit, Aspen, Colorado 2018

And we are in some rather excellent climate activist company. 

OK, in truth the headlined speakers list doesn't have that white outlined pic smack in the middle, but we are speaking along with more than 100 of the most influential people from pretty much every sector of climate businesses, activism, advocacy, education and investment you can imagine. 

AREDAY started as a one day renewable energy expo and has grown into an international sustainability summit promoting cross-sector dialogue, commitments, collaborations and investments among pretty much anyone who is anyone in climate change.

AREDAY Summit now goes for 4 days & nights and the format is largely panel based, with a related film festival & the summit has tagged itself onto the Snowmass Summer Concert series as well. AREDAY is held at same time each year in the American summer at Snowmass near Aspen in Colorado.

One of the wonderful features of the event (apart from the incredible setting) is that AREDAY takes great care to involve locals in both running the program and even has a low rate for locals to attend the conference if they aren't working. Many of the film and events are also free and open to everyone.  (And just to put the whole down home stamp on it, the local mayor attends as well.)

This year there is a large contingent of ocean protectors - from the world's most incredible 82 year old scientist, Sylvia Earle to adopted First Nation Australian, Capt Paul Watson from Australia's Sea Shepherd and another 80 year old, Jean-Michael Cousteau from Ocean Futures Society. Dropping the average age by 40 is musician and activist Pavarti from Marine Artic Peace Santuary and cryptocurrency miner, Bill Tai from Hut 8 Mining. And many many more.

We'll keep you posted all week on social media.

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