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Battery Storage & the Changing  Management of Energy

Battery Storage & the Changing Management of Energy

If you are confused by the seemingly never ending stream of green energy solutions pretty much erupting from everywhere, you are not alone.

How does an everyday household make a choice when it's inevitable that you will be lapped by some other new fangled thing the minute your choice is on the roof? 

Just like any new tech, it's important to look for the latest, but proven technology, who is backing it and what, if any, support is in place to make the most of evolving technology. 

Systems like Evergen is an integrated system that has upped the anti on giving a consumer more control over their power bills, using a combination of the solar system itself, batteries and intelligent technology from CSIRO. Once installed, CSIRO analyses the performance of the Evergen intelligence system ongoing and updates it with the latest developments.

Here is how it works:

  1. CSIRO have tested and chosen the best solar panels for maximum efficiency and value.
  2. The Energy Intelligence system tracks and forecasts energy production and makes decisions for you on how energy is stored in your battery or energy is taken from the grid.
  3. The Evergen gateway connects you to the grid.
  4. Evergen's battery system stores excess solar power generated during the day, for use at night. When sunlight is low, the Intel system will tell the battery to take power from the grid off peak, allowing you to store cheap power. 
  5. The App allows you to control and monitor your energy consumption, no matter where you are in the world.

Evergen say they wanted a more eco system that also had the vision of lowering the cost of energy to all Australians and that could be updated with new technologies.  At around $10,000 installed, it is excellent value and worth considering. 

Images: Evergen
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