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Citrus Infused Vinegar Cleaner - Easy DIY

Citrus Infused Vinegar Cleaner - Easy DIY

This multi purpose cleaning solution can also be used to freshen up those less than ideal-smelling areas in your home. Make this beautiful and simple cleaner instead of an over engineered chemical version

Because vinegar is acidic (acetic acid), it readily dissolves food and mineral deposits. It is also antibacterial and antifungal and is therefore excellent for cleaning up after old smelly, rotting food. You can make this solution and put it into a lovely jar or simply add your orange peels as you go to a large container of vinegar until full. 

Materials | Ingredients

  • White Vinegar
  • Peels from your favourite citrus fruit (at least two large oranges, or four to five lemons)
  • Glass or plastic jar that can be sealed with an airtight seal


  • Add peels into the glass or plastic jar
  • Completely cover the peels with vinegar and seal the jar
  • Allow your solution to sit in a cool and dark space, for 2 - 4 weeks
  • After two weeks use a kitchen towel to strain the solid particles out of your cleaning solution and preserve the citrus-smelling cleaning solution that remains
  • This cleaning solution can be diluted with a ratio of one cup per two cups of water in a spray bottle, or more depending on your personal preferences

Note regarding strength of this cleaner

This is a particularly powerful cleaner and as such, care should be taken to test areas you use if on and to not leave it sitting on any surface. Also, if you use orange peel, take care with this solution as the orange colour can stain if not wiped off properly. 


Don't toss your ageing tea towels or old clothes. Use them as cleaning rags. Cloth is more robust and more effective than paper towels, you don't have to dispose it and you can simply toss them in with your normal wash - especially if you are using simple cleaning agents like vinegar and bicarbonate soda. 

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