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Transform your terracotta or concrete pots

Transform your terracotta or concrete pots

This is an easy, fun way to completely transform any old or new terracotta or concrete pot in any colour you please

This is a simple way to quickly create a new variety of colours for your flower pots at your home, balcony, patio or garden without damaging the plants, soil or groundwater.

You can change up your paint with colours from season to season, paint everything uniformly or mix up colours. Bear in mind that your flower pots look better over time, because the paint ages beautifully and develops its own patina. These are just a few of our colours and you will find many more ideas by clicking the colour chart below. 


Shake your paint well before opening, then stir well. Transfer to a slightly larger container and make sure all colour pigments are well mixed. Stir for 2 – 3 minutes and briefly clean and moisten the planter pot before painting. Do not apply paint too thick and stretch it out well in all directions.

You will notice that at first, the colour appears a bit darker and more transparent, but this will change after drying. Apply a second or third coat after drying. To wash your brush simply rinse with water, press into shape again, then let dry upright. Watch How To video.

Don't poison or cramp your plants, especially edibles

Make sure you use paint similar to Bauwerk Colours that is suitable for all unsealed planters made of terracotta, concrete or artificial stone. Essentially, you need to use vapour permeable natural paint which lets the roots of your plants “breathe” in the flower pots.)

Bauwerk Colour is available in over 400 hand-crafted colours, is a pure mineral vegan product; is fast, easy application; matte drying and has a natural appearance. Unlike most other paints, Bauwerk Colour is completely free of solvents and your brush easily cleans in water with no pollution of the groundwater. We have stockists all over Australia. If you are a business and interested in becoming a stockist, contact us

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Eco Intel Editor

Simone, you might just contact Bauwerk Colour directly as that is an interesting question!! Please come back and let us know? +61 8 9433 3860 Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Simone N

I have some rather unattractive maroon pots at my mother's place but they are glazed. Will this work on them and if not can you tell me how to prepare them for this upgrade if possible? Tuesday, 6 October 2020