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Flowers in a Gorgeous Reusable Say I LOVE YOU Better

Flowers in a Gorgeous Reusable Say I LOVE YOU Better

Give your never ending love never ending meaning

Here's the perfect way to give flowers that keep their meaning well past the use by date of the flowers. You can double up on your flowers like the eco trend setter you are and do something really positive for the planet.

What if you give a gorgeous pot plant rather than cut flowers. Cut flowers are in such high demand on days like Valentine's Day & Mother's Day that many are literally imported and that means there is a high likelihood they carry a high ratio of chemicals to flowers, were most likely grown under dubious conditions and workers paid in the same way. If you do buy cut flowers, buy local flowers. They are prettier, last longer and are more likely to be drenched in a crap load less chemicals.

Here's how you double your gift. Match your flowers to a reusable

Simply cut some flowers from your garden or buy a bunch of flowers from your local florist and put them in a beautiful reusable. If you go for a small bunch, put your flowers into a Reusable Coffee Cup like these from SoL or Keep Cup.

If you have to buy for the whole office, family or if it's Valentines and your up for a string of lovers, just multiply it out. You can even get different colours and colour code your lovers. How cool is that? 

It would be nice to lay them out (the reusables) like these from JOCO, but I am guessing that won't be possible in every circumstance. 

If you have a few more dollars, are still dizzy with love or under threat of your manhood unless you get something bigger, then think about putting your flowers or pot plant in a reusable bag. (Not some cheap piece of crap from the supermarket. Believe me. Every self respecting style queen knows what they look like. And you'll be cactus.)

There are many many options around. At the value, excellent and versatile end, put your flowers in a bag.

If you have a little more money go for something unique like a tote bag with upcycling brownie points.  Or if you are either feeling game or you'd just like to be clear on your capability status, go with something personal.

If you want to make a huge impression, give a flowering pot plant instead and put it in a laundry basket of flowers or a Uashmama washable paper bag, which comes in a few different sizes. 

Whatever you do, don't do this

Kissing other people is good. Admiring yourself kissing in the glass is good, especially if you've been in lock down for months. But balloons are bad. Balloons, unless a picture of a balloon, have a habit of floating in the air and ending up in the stomachs of bird, turtles and dugongs. And what started out as a quick innocent loving kiss, ends up a long term guilty problem to another living thing.

Stretch your love. Stretch it further for you, your loved one (or would be loved one) and the world we work and live in. And let's make both last as long as we can.

Images: Traders own, with added flowers | Kissers: Freestock | Unsplash

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