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Grow a Herb Garden with Saved Kitchen Water

Grow a Herb Garden with Saved Kitchen Water

Without a moment's thought, we can waste enough water at the kitchen sink to power a complete herb garden (or two)

An estimated 10% of the household water is used in the kitchen. While this may sound like a small amount, it is more than enough water to power a small kitchen garden.  Herbs and lettuces like a consistent supply of water, but they don't need lots of it and that is why your kitchen water is so useful. 

Make sure you place your pot or pots in a sunny spot somewhere easily accessible from your kitchen sink so that watering and picking is easy. You can easily maintain 10 - 15 different plants if you really want to get organised!

Plant your favourite parsley, basil, rosemary, dill, lettuces, mints and chives in one big pot or lots of little ones and grow a lush little garden with just the clean water you waste at the kitchen sink.

Most kitchens lose water waiting for hot water to come through. If you have an 'instant' hot water system, you lose around 2 litres of water while it heats up. Catch this water in a bucket and use it on your garden.

Any cleanish activity you undertake like washing vegetables or fruit, emptying half full water glasses or  can go into your herb garden bucket.

When you give your milk cartons or bottles a rinse before putting in the recycle bin, tip this water onto your garden too. Your plants will love the extra calcium.

Tap aerators are a cheap and effective way to reduce your water consumption. They fit into your existing tap fixture and can reduce water usage by up to 70%, without reducing water pressure.

You can buy herbs for you pot or get a packet of mixed herb seeds from someone like Backyard Seeds.

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