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Harley Davidson launches Electric Bike

Harley Davidson launches Electric Bike

One year after announcing their intention to enter the electric bicycle market, Harley Davidson has launched its first bike

Harley Davidson are manufacturing the electric bikes under the Serial 1 Cycle Company and will be on the streets in the USA in autumn 2021 (their spring). The name comes from their oldest known motorcycle and the technology comes from their newest brainstrust of 2 wheel transportation and style.

Many commentators are quick to point out that Harley sales have been in decline for years, having become the domain of mid life crisis males and the antithesis of anything a millenial or Gen-Z would be seen dead on. 

Harley Davidson are keen to appeal to the younger market and see a bit more sustainable econyl and less leather on the streets. Of course I couldn't care how old they were or what they are wearing as long as it was sustainably made.  

The prototype suggests that the bike will echo the traditional Harley-Davidson style, with a laidback cruiser frame, a glossy black paint job, and classic brown leather on the seat and handlebar grips and sport retro white tires.

A single-speed carbon belt drive instead of a chain is not new, but rare and is expected to be able to reach speeds of up to 20mph with pedal-assist technology. 

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