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How Often Do Other People Shower?

How Often Do Other People Shower?

Have you ever wondered how often you really need to bathe or how we bathe compared to everyone else?  

Probably not, but now you are here, you might be curious. Euromonitor surveyed 16 countries around the world for bathing habits.

The Poms still don't like getting up too close to water - led out by Vivienne Westwood maintaining that washing just once a week is the secret to staying young. Her husband only washes once a month - and she is presumably made of some steely stuff because she claims that she mostly gets in the bath after him... Which if it is no more than once a month.... 

While Vivianne Westwood became a vegetarian because the meat industry, "squanders most of our waters", it seems that water use is pretty much cultural rather than the desire (based on necessity or planetary commitment) to save water.

Australians in general take more showers than China, Japan and Britain, but less than Brazil and Colombia. The biggest full bathers are Japan and India, followed by the Middle East!  And sponge bathers - Indonesia, followed by Colombia, Mexico and Japan. 

How often do we really need to wash? We pretty much all shower at least once a day in Australia, with one third of us showering twice. The thing is that unless we are hot, sweaty and smelly, we really don't need to shower as much as we do. Apparently Vivianne is right. Once a week is fine for many people with an interim sponge bath for your armpits and bits. And hand washing is always important to ward off flu etc.

Daily showering is a relatively modern thing - from the last 60 years. The thing is that it is only our glands that produce body odour (armpits and groin) so it's more about social pressure and good soap marketing that we shower.

The biggest single issue with over showering is the loss of skin's protective oils - and this is where Vivianne really does have a point about preserving her age and looks. 

There is also our skin is an ecosystem of billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi - just like our gut and they need to be in balance for our health. When we shower a lot, we are constantly altering the natural distribution of micro flora on our skin which may ultimately play a role in skin health conditions.

Images: Main image - Shutterstock  | Vivianne Westwood - Vivianne Westwood: Cut from the Past

*Euromonitor International’s Personal Appearances Survey results are drawn from ~6,600 online consumers ranging in age from 15 to 65+ and living in 16 major markets in 2014: Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Middle East (Saudi Arabia and UAE), United Kingdom, and the US.
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