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Nextdoor Social Network Arrives in Australia

Nextdoor Social Network Arrives in Australia

Guess who's moved in? Nextdoor. 

If you have never heard of Nextdoor, they are a kind of closed social networking website for neighbourhoods, worth somewhere around $2 billion and yet to make a profit. Co-founded by Nirav Tolia in 2010, Nextdoor now covers 90% of USA and a fair chunk of western Europe. Nextdoor say they cover 210,000 neighbourhoods and tens of millions of people. 

As they launch in Australian, it's going to be interesting to see if Facebook Groups have stolen some of their ground over the past couple of years as neighbourhood groups have grown quickly. The sometimes wild west aspect of Facebook groups might push people to something they perceive as being safer as well as being more structured and curated. There are no available statistics on how many Neighbourhood Facebook Groups exist, but Nextdoor is a closed site and visibility is only available to you within your local area. All members of Nextdoor must also use their real name and verify their address before being accepted to join. 

Local Nextdoor copy cat, Nabo, who started in Australia in 2014, is quietly exiting stage left with virtually no media or official reasons given for their exit beyond 'a lot of factors', before going on to mention that you might like to join Nextdoor.

Mumbrella reports that Nabo sold to Nextdoor a few months ago, but there is no whisper of it on Nabo or Nextdoor's literature, so it's hard to know what really happened. Nabo have struggled to get traction in Australia and monetise, despite having the support and relatively deep pockets of Fairfax Media, Westpac, Seven West Media and Reinventure. All this seems a little odd given that statistically  75% of us say we'd like to know our neighbours better. 

If you are a member of Nabo, check out their FAQs re the closure, but essentially the site will close December 18 after running as a Read Only version from November 8, 2018. Members cannot be automatically transferred to Nextdoor. You will need to sign up yourself on Nextdoor website. 

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