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Personal Impact - How do seemingly simple things change everything?

Personal Impact - How do seemingly simple things change everything?

Recently a ceramic potter got Australia Post to change the way they charge for shipping. And it's a great example of how any person on a mission can enact change

When Greta Thunberg started to sit on the steps of parliament in Sweden for the three weeks before their general election in mid 2018, she was making her own point on her own terms. Little did she know what the consequences of following her own convictions would be.

Like so many things, her back story is where the real learnings are for anyone committed to making a difference. Everyone who ever took a shower had a great idea, but it's the person who steps out of the shower and acts on the idea who makes the difference.

Greta Thunberg had an idea of how she could make a difference. Others didn't agree, so she went off and did it herself. And here we are.

This week packaging Wunderkids,  Rebecca Percasky and Kate Bezar of The Better Packaging Co announced Australia Post was dropping the cost of parcels under 5kg that were sent in diy packaging (not an Australia Post satchel.) 

Nope, they aren't from Australia Post - just very good marketers of a very good product. (Nope, not being paid to say this - that's how good they are.) 

If you don't know The Better Packaging Co and you are an online business, you should - whether you are an eco business looking for compostable packaging or a business trying to behave better. In just over a year, The Better Packaging Co have sold more than a million of their compostable packagings to eco businesses and increasingly to the big, not so eco end of town as well.

Sustainable supply chain products raise the bar for everyone - consumers and business - and this story is a great example of how it happens.

The recent price match decree by Australia Post boss Christine Holgate was in response to a petition started by Northern Rivers Potter, Sally Flannery. Sally makes beautiful pottery pieces, like the one in the main image and she simply wanted to pack her pieces in her own packaging without paying a premium.  (Who even knew that it was more expensive to send packages using your own packaging instead of Australia Post's packaging? Perhaps it hailed from the days before online was big and Australia Post had to re-tape half of Granny's Xmas presents - and they were simply over it.)

The change means that all packages under 5kg, whether in an Australia Post bag or your own, cost the same to send. And that can mean the difference of a couple of dollars per package. If you are a small online business, that's a lot of bottom line.

But that's not the end of it. When people like The Better Packaging Co promote the opportunity, they also promote their own packaging, which is around the same price as other packaging, but Compostable at Home. Awareness of packaging alternatives - and there are many - are raised. More online businesses use sustainable packaging and  less bad packaging ends up in the supply chain and ultimately in landfill. Businesses consider alternatives to Australia Post, like Sendle, who use back loading infrastructure and are Carbon Positive. And of course - Worms get dinner. Because compostable at home packaging goes in a home compost.


So, if you ever think your little positive action isn't making a difference. Take a look around you. Somewhere, someplace, it is. 


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