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Plank Audio are crowdfunding on Pozible

Plank Audio are crowdfunding on Pozible

Melbourne based Plank Audio have smashed their crowdfund target and are headed for their stretch goal

If you haven't heard of Plank Audio that might be because they supply modular rack boxes to production studios - which is every YouTuber's or aspiring Troye Sivan bedroom if you ask me. And right now, they are crowdfunding on Pozible and are at $15,635 of a $20,000 stretch target. 

Melbourne based Plank Audio’s range of pieces are hand built locally from reclaimed timber salvaged from places like basketball courts. They also use the more tame looking FSC certified plywood, offering a balance between precision manufacturing and handmade aesthetic. Limited runs of reclaimed timber will be released over time, making each individual piece unique. 

Plank Audio make production desks and rack boxes from 3U to 12U. The rack boxes are all made from salvaged timber and the desks from any of four different reclaimed timber options or the FSC certified plywood option. This includes reclaimed Australian hardwood, reclaimed Baltic Pine, reclaimed Basketball flooring and reclaimed Jarrah. 

If you are locked in your bedroom in iso or simply in Victoria, here's your chance to launch a whole new career! #funnynotfunny, but it's a great local, sustainable product if you need a house for your production gear.

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