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Reusable coffee pods | Here's 5 tips to get the best from them

Reusable coffee pods | Here's 5 tips to get the best from them

Do you own a coffee pod machine? Don't send pods to landfill. Opt for a more sustainable brew method - go reusable!

Reusable capsules are the most eco-friendly way to brew if you have a capsule machine at home - and they give you more control over your daily cuppa or ten. It does help to understand a little about coffee capsules so you do your brew best for you.

First, capsules can range from 5 to 5.8 grams, whereas a cafe espresso is brewed using around 11 grams. Reusable pods are one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective coffee capsule options on the market, but their capacity can be smaller, meaning less coffee, but you're using 100% freshly ground coffee in your pods which adds back flavour and you'll also be avoiding any added flavour enhancers, preservatives etc.

We've compiled our top tips to help you perfect your reusable capsule brew method and enjoy your own perfectly made coffee every time.

1. Do: Clean your machine!

Descaling assists the pump to create the pressure build-up that produces a lovely crema to top your brew. Cleaning your coffee machine not only extends it's life, but also ensures the quality of the coffee you brew. 

2. Do: Use real, fresh coffee

We always recommend sourcing a lovely dark roast for a more intense brew. You can try your local roaster if you'd like to opt for bulk, upackaged beans. 

3. Don't: Just opt for any old grind

You'll generally get better results with coffee ground to Stovetop (a.k.a "Moka Pot"). You can grind fresh at home with a burr grinder, or have your local cafe / roaster grind your beans for you.

4. Do: Experiment with tamp!

Packing your pods can take getting used to, so have a play around with tamp and see how different pressure affects your brew results.

5. Double brew it! Brewing a lungo?

Keep an eye out for "blonding". This colour transition can occur in the last third of the extraction, and is thin, nearly flavourless, and can dilute the body and taste characteristics of a shot. For longer coffees, we suggest using 2 x 40mL shots. You'll find that you also extract less acidity from the beans, resulting in a less bitter tasting coffee.

(Crema Joe is an Australian owned business passionate about helping you get more from your daily cuppa. It’s why we’ve hand selected a range of innovative and sustainable coffee machine accessories from around the globe for the home coffee brewer, including our eco-friendly coffee capsules.)

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