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Secure your friends. Buy Local

Secure your friends. Buy Local

Buying local really does buy friends. If you want to secure your local community, you have to invest in it. Buying local buys your locals their income 

Not only is it ok to buy friends by buying locally, it's exactly what we should be doing. And that's because buying locally produced goods and services connects us with your local community in ways that nothing else can. And simple everyday investments in our own community helps to ensure all those locals are still there to serve us tomorrow. 

Local businesses are our neighbours

Each time we reach into our pocket for money at our local anything, we are literally feeding the local economy and positively affecting the life of someone close by. Every time we purchase goods from a local bakery, farmer, delicatessen, health food store or other small local business, we are also supporting a local family or member of the community to build a viable business and support our family.

Small and local businesses are the backbone of every country in the world and despite the way it looks at the local supermarket, small business are the largest employers of direct staff and of supply chain businesses.

Most local businesses make no more than the basic wage and that's not much for all the risks they take. (I am not saying that is true of all, but it is true of many. The staff in many businesses earn more than the owners.) Buying local means we are literally feeding their families as we support our local micro economy.

Local doesn't burn up as many travel miles and storage

When we Ekko Score any product at, there are bonus points for local for many many good reasons. At a societal level, connection with community is important for our community health. And more practically, produce that is made and sold close to home simply doesn't burn up transport miles, require storage, preservatives - and a frozen smile on the packet because that is the only way you'll get a smile when we buy mass produced.

If you are looking for speciality items like oils, craft beers, coffees, you'll pretty much always find someone in your own state who both grows, processes and either sells them or distributes them. Apart from supporting local state businesses, the upside of buying food grown in your own state is freshness.

Australian manufacturers are part of our national security

2020 has taught us a lot about biosecurity and the importance of securing our own supply chains. When it comes to fashion, homewares, building and body products, we are very quickly in international territory. But within Australia, there are excellent makers of pretty much anything a household could ever need and just like the local you eyeball in the street, it is important to support a fellow Australian if you can.

Certainly within the eco space, businesses are owned by people who are passionate about the products they make and sell. And many of them have developed products that are better versions of what is available in the market at a mass production level. In the main image are Anna and Lilly, sisters and co-founders of Frankly Eco. They make natural plant-based skincare gentle for all skin types, but their first product was a natural nipple cream for new mothers. 

Something many Australians don't know is that much of our fashion industry fabrics processing goes offshore, but there are businesses like The Australian Wool Store who grow, process and manufacture here in Australia, making hand dyed yarns.

See more at Go Local: Farm Fresh Will Secure Our Future Bacon or local food: 8 Benefits of Eating Local Food.  

Images: Frankly Eco | Boucher Bistro, Graceville, Qld | Tweed Food | The Wool Store


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