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Rotofarm Kitchen Benchtop Garden on Indiegogo

Rotofarm Kitchen Benchtop Garden on Indiegogo

Finally launched on Indiegogo and smashed target in 8 minutes

Rotofarm by BACE is literally a bench top garden and is the coolest looking thing that would ever grace your kitchen bench top and it's now on Indiegogo for the early bird crowd. The system uses hydroponics to grow plants in a kind of ferris wheel structure around an LED light. 

Standing around 13 cm wide, BACE claim an equivalent external garden would use about 1.5 metres of plants.

Nutrients and water come from a reservoir in the stainless steel base and to harvest, you simple tilt the farm 180 degrees and pick out the food you want.

The prototype is working hard, in PR overdrive across social media and gaining recognition including being shortlisted in the 2019 New York Design Awards. The awards hosted by international design body DRIVEN x DESIGN, sponsored by IBM.  Rotofarm was one of the products chosen out of thousands of product design submissions along with Theragun G3 and Tesla’s HyperloopTT Capsule train system.

Rotofarm is crowd funding on Indiegogo at $742 AUD, delivery October 2020 for the base model. They have already raised over $232,000 in contributions and machine sales. 

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