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Want to be in a new TV show featuring your sea or tree change?

Want to be in a new TV show featuring your sea or tree change?

Fremantle Media Call for Sea & Tree Changers

This could be your lucky day. A new TV show from Fremantle Media called "Escape From the City", is currently searching for potential house hunters who are ready to leave the city behind and are headed for either the beach or the bush.

Fremantle Media say they are looking for people who want to move out of the city to somewhere more rural and they want to showcase rural & regional areas and would love to feature some self-sustainable homes in this fine country of ours. 

Applications are open to people who are buying or renting. You simply have to be willing and genuinely wanting to move out of the city.

They can offer free expert advice as well as a free trip to where you want to move. You'll get a free trip to the place you want to call home, experience the life you've always dreamt about and get free expert advice on how to make it happen.

If you fit the bill or know anyone that does, you can apply through their casting agency online. Or get in touch via phone or email:

Call: 02 94340603  |  02 94340606

Please share with anyone who you think may be interested!

Meanwhile in a different opportunity, Mirvac are also offering a family of four the chance to live for FREE in a new sustainable house for a year and be a real life lab rat. No TV show, but lots of reporting in. Applications close 31st January 2018. 

Images: Aleksandra Bogu - Nadia Superino - Jenny Hill - Jacob Owens | Unsplash & Fremantle Media
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