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World Vegan Day 1 November 2020

World Vegan Day 1 November 2020

On World Vegan Day, singer and songwriter Katie White launched a series of songs to bring awareness to the plight of animals bred for our entertainment or food

Katie White is a professional singer songwriter who also runs a garden to plate vegan food blog Olive Wood Vegan. This year for World Vegan Day, Katie wrote, recorded and published 4 songs, 2 of which have film clips.

Songs written by animals

The songs are written from the perspective of the animals and I am incredibly excited to share these songs because as far as I know no one has released anything like them before. Katie believes that combining the power of music, truth, and the world through the eyes of these animals, could be ground breaking at getting through to people about the plight of animals. Please take a moment out to watch/listen to the videos on YouTube. 

  • Hoping' from a mother dairy cow 

  • 'All The Same', from Katie's perspective 

  • 'Brumby'- a racing mare 

  • '106' from a baby pig in a pork farm  

The songs were recorded at the best studio in Western Australia and the film clips to accompany two of them are by an award winning videographer. They were released on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and Amazon on the 1st of November. 

We asked Katie to tell us what she was hoping to achieve with these incredibly beautiful and haunting songs

I am asking you and many organisations to utilise these songs and film clips to create a wave of inspiration and awareness. If we all share them, the impacts can reach all around the world and it enhance everyone efforts to inspire others.

Have you always been a vegan, and if not how did your journey to this lifestyle begin?

I wasn’t raised vegan, and although was pescatarian most of my childhood, I didn’t actually go vegan until I was 24. I was on tour with my band around Australia and the tour bus broke down on the corner of a pig slaughterhouse road. That night we listened as the poor darlings were being driven to their death, and their screams were unmistakably aware and terrified. That was the tipping point for me and from that moment on I made a commitment to do all I could to help animals and create a vegan world. Both Hoping and All The Same were written shortly after that night. 

Did you encounter challenges on your vegan journey?

It's not hard at all to be vegan in this day in age, so I don’t find it challenging at all, however being aware of what we do to animals behind closed doors is deeply upsetting and it is a challenge to not let that disturb you, and keep pushing forward regardless sometimes. 

What has been the many rewards so far of being a vegan?

The best thing about being vegan is knowing you are saving hundreds of animal’s lives every year, simply by eating plant based alternatives to animal products. We all know how good it would feel to rescue a puppy, or an injured bird of the side of the road, and vegans do this every single day, just indirectly. Not only this, but scientifically speaking being vegan is the single most positive thing an individual can do for the environment.

So clearly it is very rewarding. I'd also say you feel very liberated being vegan, as you’ve broken the chains of ‘what is normal’ and stepped out into an informed choice, based on ethics and science. That feels very liberating because we are making a choice, rather than doing what marketing has told us to do our whole lives. The cherry on top is the health benefits. I am trimmer, fitter and lighter in my body then I ever have been before. 

How can others help you?

If you would like to come onboard and join me in the combined release of these powerful songs by sharing them with your network or promoting them in any way, I'd love to hear from you. 

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