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10 Random lazy-man housekeeping tips

10 Random lazy-man housekeeping tips

As someone who makes it their life's work to avoid house cleaning, but loves a clean breezy house like these pics, I know what I am talking about when it comes to lazy cleaning

Being a lazy cleaner takes a teeny bit of thought and planning, but once you are set up, the rewards are worth the small amount of set up or habit changes required to get organised. These are my fav 10 tips. If you have others, pass em here! 

1. Shower Spray

Mix 1 : 5 Castile / Dishwashing soap with Vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on. Leave for 5 mins. Wash off. For extra brill clean, use a scrubbing brush and give it the once over as you go. (You can also do this while showering.)

2. Keep your floors clean

If your floors are clean, your house is clean. Think about it.  Whatever gets walked on, gets walked everywhere. Vacuum your house daily and you won't have to clean the rest so much.

3. Shower before bed

Apart from all the advantages of going to bed feeling good, clean you means cleaner bed linen and you aren't sliding around in the murky remains of yesterday and the day before. 

4. Rinse your shower every shower

If you have one of those detachable shower heads in your shower, at the end of each shower simply give your shower a quick shower. By rinsing off scum and and lingering dirt, you will double the time between shower cleans.

5. Open your windows

Clean air is not only good for you, it's good for your your house, keeping odours down, mould away and free flowing air means your air conditioner won't need cleaning. And you won't be tempted to burn oils or buy those silly poisonous room smelly things.

6. Think about any kind of housework as exercise

Are you one of those people who pays a cleaner or a gardener while you go to the gym? Or who drives along tree lined streets to a walking machine? That's kind of crazy when you think about it. If you think about all the work you do cleaning or gardening - as exercise instead of chores - you have a literally booked yourself a free PE for life. 

7. Stash cleaning supplies in bathrooms

A bottle of vinegar, jar of bicarbonate soda, scrubbing brush and a cloth in the bathroom cupboard makes it easy to do a simple wipe when you need it. If you have a multi purpose cleaner, leave some of that in a jar in your bathrooms for quick scrubs. 

8. Use small bins

Don't get sucked in to those huge rubbish and recycle bins. They take up way too much space and who needs half a kitchen dedicated to housing waste? You have 4 essential disposal areas:

  • Soft Plastics. Store these either in a small bin or simply stuff them into your shopping bag for next trip to supermarket vicinity.
  • Recycling: Small bin if you don't want to walk it to your council bin. Big items do however have to go straight to it.
  • Rubbish: Line your rubbish bin with some rescued recycle paper. Never put food scraps in it. Rinse it out when you need to.
  • Compost / Food Waste: If you compost, never leave it for more than a day. It gets smelly and no one will ever want to empty it. If your compost goes into a green bin, walk it straight there after every meal.

9. Use an insect light

Use one of the many insect attracting lights on the market at night. It will not only save you from being bitten by mosquitoes, it will keep bugs away from your lights and windows - and it means you won't need a spray.

10. Get a rodent and roach plug-in

I am sure there are other brands around as well, but I have used a Pestrol for years to keep cockroaches and rodents out of my house. It's essentially a little device that sends a pulse through electrical wires and stops insects and rodents nesting near electrical wires (which they typically do for warmth).

This tip eliminates the mess made by bugs, pest controller costs and pest controller toxic chemicals. Oh, and snakes, if you live in an area where there are snakes or anything that lurks around your house looking for a rat to eat. Win win win. 

Images: Main Image, Windows, Bed: Unsplash - Hutomo Abrianto | Shower: | Chair & Basket: Unsplash -Sarah Dorweiler
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