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22 Easy Eco Living Tips

22 Easy Eco Living Tips

Life is definitely meant to be easier in a more eco world. Here's 22 reasons why

We make things way more complicated than we need to and here's 22 tips for a more eco life:

  1. Turn it off: Leaving your electricals on standby needlessly uses up energy
  2. Invest in eco-friendly technology
  3. Switch to a green energy supplier
  4. Go solar
  5. Eat less meat
  6. Don’t waste food. Buy only what you know you will eat
  7. Compost and use the green scrap collection if you have one
  8. Recycle everything incl soft plastics to supermarket and batteries to Aldi of the phone store
  9. Cut plastic wherever you can
  10. Stop buying bottled water
  11. Use LED light bulbs
  12. Open your windows instead of turning on summer air conditioning
  13. Order your food online and put less cars on the road
  14. Fix it – google it before you throw it
  15. Use eco-friendly cleaning products. Better yet, use vinegar and bicarb for general cleaning
  16. Drive less – walk, scoot and go community more
  17. Use an air fryer as an oven for small batch ovening instead of turning on the whole big assed production
  18. Buy local
  19. Fly less. Holiday closer to home. Meet online.
  20. Grow your own herbs, preferably with saved water
  21. Plant some trees – your own or offset your CO2 by getting someone else to plant them
  22. Stop putting all that rubbish on your face and body! Chemicals, microbeads, masks, blah blah.

And bonus: here's a recipe to make your own Play Dough

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