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Can You See Me? Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards

Can You See Me? Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards

The People's Choice Award vote is open for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Every year since 2015, Paul HIcks and Tom Sullam have been running these awards to raise awareness and funds for conservation, with the help of some of the most impressive photographers on the planet, and also raising funds for Born Free Foundation

There are 41 finalists this year - and we have kidnapped a few to show you here. Enjoy, but most importantly, head over to the site and vote. Share with friends and use this joyful way to help elevate the conservation conversation.  

There are also literally hundreds of glorious images of completely hilarious animal antics from years gone by. To appreciate wild animals, skilled photography and build a smile right across your dial, make sure you go see! 

Jakob Stresker - Astonished Lemur

Mary McGowan - Caught In The Act

Michael Lane - Should Have Gone to Specsavers

Jonathan Irish - Drive Safe

Amy Kennedy - Bullies

Maureen Toft - Have a Headache 

If you are a Gallery owner and are interested in showing these entertaining and awfully excellent photos, you can contact Paul. Help spread the work of Born Free Foundation and Wildlife Conservation everywhere.

Images - Photographers own as indicated. Main image: Jamie Bussey - Crouching Tiger Peeking Moose
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Simone N

I love this! Would never have thought of wildlife comedy photography as a thing. Thank you for my mid afternoon break :-D Friday, 28 September 2018