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KT Doyle Collected Patterns

KT Doyle Collected Patterns

Brisbane artist and upcycle artisan, KT Doyle, of JEANBAG fame has created a series of limited edition letterpress prints and embroideries, called  Collected Patterns. Exploring plants cultivated in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens during founding curator, Walter Hill’s service from 1855-1881, KT's artworks tell his extraordinary story.

Walter Hill was particularly important to Queensland and Australia and as colonial Botanist, he contributed extensively to the development of botany, agriculture, horticulture and forest conservation during the early years of the colony and promoted agricultural enterprises such as sugar cane, tropical fruits and vineyards, which lead to expanding trade for the state of Queensland.

Featuring plants such as Cinchona, which contains quinine to prevent malaria; Lucerne, which was trialled as feed for the livestock that supported the early settlers; and even Tobacco, which was grown for export; every plant in this series tells a story about those early days in Brisbane, Australia.

A Heidelberg ‘Windmill’ Letterpress (a style of press that was used during Walter Hill’s time), was used to create the letterpress prints and develop the highly graphic aesthetic of the series, including the giclée prints and machine embroideries.

Each artwork is one of a very limited edition, making them highly collectible. A wonderful addition to any art collection, they style perfectly into vignettes and make timeless gifts.

Passionate about the environment, KT Doyle expertly works sustainable resources and recycled materials into artwork and products designed to be loved and stand the test of time.

All embroideries come framed (prints unframed) and are on sale on KT Doyle's personal website and prices are very reasonable, ranging from $55 to $220. 

Images: KT Doyle
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