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Online Bra Fitting makes bras more sustainable

Online Bra Fitting makes bras more sustainable

You can buy pretty much everything online, but somethings are definitely way easier than others. Bras - not always so easy

Stephanie Devine developed the world’s first zero waste bra in 2018 and has since sold thousands of bras. But one of her key challenges, especially for sales outside Australia (because of no returns), has been guessing bra sizes.

In 2020 she launched a facebook group for Very Good Bra owners to swap, sell or give away their bras. She has has now teamed up with a trained online bra-fitter Lauren, to help you get the right size.

How does online bra fitting work?

It's simple. You send in your prescribed measurements and Lauren will recommend a bra size based on your measurements. She is also available for a one-on-one online Zoom fitting, if you need extra advice and support.

What is The Very Good Bra?

The Very Good Bra is the world's first fully home compostable bra. You can literally feed it to your worms at life's end. They bras are made from Tencel, one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available today. Made from sustainably farmed Eucalyptus trees in a closed loop process, it is renowned for regulating absorption, releasing moisture and having strong anti-bacterial qualities, all whilst being super luxurious against the skin. 

The Very Good Bra are currently crowdfunding their their new Liberty Pansy Range via pre-sale for a month from Friday 19 February, 2021.

The Very Good Bra also makes bras and briefs in organic cotton and has recently

collaborated with Liberty Fabrics to create their first organic cotton knit for the brand.

The bra also uses tree rubber elastic and offers wire-free and toxin-free support, in a product which can be eaten in a worm farm or home composted at end of life.

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