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How to get the best Black Friday Fashion

How to get the best Black Friday Fashion

Most of us wear only 1/3 of our wardrobe. Why? Because it’s really, really hard to find clothes you love. So your chances of finding them at a Black Friday are pretty low, cept for this idea...

Citizen Wolf have literally cooked up an excellent Black Friday wardrobe sale that involves adding new things to your wardrobe without adding more to your wardrobe. It's called Black Fridye and it works by getting the stuff you already have, out of your closet and colouring it black. If you are looking for Xmas gifts, here's a great option for your friends and family too.) It's called Black Fridye.

How it works

Go for the clothes that fit you well and you still love, but may not wear so much anymore. They might be a bit tired or the colours are a bit 'last season before last'. Take them out of your closet and send them to Citizen Wolf to dye them black. 

  1. Buy your dye credits – orders open between Nov 18 and Dec 4, 2022 only
  2. Send in your clothes by Dec 7, or drop them off at any Citizen Wolf or Nique store, if you live in Sydney or Melbourne
  3. Your clothes will be returned in February 2023

Prices start from only $19 for tops, $29 for jeans and $39 for jackets and dresses (exc. shipping). There are a bunch of FAQs on Black Fridye website regarding fabrics, deliveries etc as well. 

What will / won't dye?

Citizen Wolf can dye any garment, from any brand in any colour. Natural plant-based fibres work best like cotton, hemp or linen. Cellulosics like bamboo, Tencel or viscose also dye well as will any blend of natural fibres. Patterns and/or stains should turn pure black, but there are no guarantees as it depends on exact composition and may still be visible after dyeing.

Anything synthetic or protein-based will not dye - think polyester, lycra or elastane as well as wool, leather or fur.

About Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf is re-engineering the way clothes are made at scale to be both custom fit and are carbon negative. T-shirts are made on-demand in Sydney within 7 days in their Sydney factory which is also a shop and open to the public.

Distilled from 196 million data points, Citizen Wolf's Magic Fit® tech replaces the measuring tape with simple biometrics to automate the process of tailoring from home. Magic Fit® needs only your height, weight and age (plus bra for women) to create a 94% accurate mathematical model of your body which Citizen Wolf use to create custom-fit garments faster and more accurately than a human tailor. 

You have 3 choices Black Friday

  1. Get caught up in all the Black Friday sales bullshit and create more shit
  2. Don't participate
  3. Do something with the shit you already have. And ask your friends to do the same.

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Simone N

I LOVE IT! In fact I was just contemplating how to dye some of my loved but stained or needing updating pieces so this is perfect :-D Thursday, 26 November 2020