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How to get the best Black Friday Fashion

How to get the best Black Friday Fashion

Most of us only wear 33% of our wardrobe. Why? Because it’s really, really hard to find clothes you love & you definitely won't find them on Black Friday

Please don't become the actual bait of a click this Black Friday, grabbing cheap clothes you know in your heart that you'll never wear. Don't even open the website or step in the store. There is a way better option for your hard earned cash and it will not only cost you less, you are going to love it more. It's BLACK.

Citizen Wolf and friends have cooked up an excellent Black Friday wardrobe sale that involves adding new things to your wardrobe without adding new things. Genius! It's called Black Fridye and instead of buying another thing you probably won't wear, what if you could dye your fav clothes black and give them a new lease of life?

Citizen Wolf & co really have created a useful way to celebrate a real BLACK Friday. Get the shirts you already have out of your closet and colour them black. 

Then pick up the phone and text, tweet, tell your mates that you've discovered the ultimate Xmas Gift this Black Fridye.

How it works

Black Fridye is a strictly time-limited event with orders open for one week only starting November 23. This is the timeline

  1. Black Friday (27th Nov 2020) = Buy your dye credits
  2. December = Send in your clothes (before Xmas)
  3. January = Dye, Dye, Dye!
  4. February = Wear your newly black clothes (smugly).

Prices start from only $19 for tops, $29 for jeans and $39 for jackets (exc. shipping) which is up to 70% off regular dyehouse pricing. If you're based in Sydney you can drop your clothes off at the Citizen Wolf factory, or if not, Australia Post is your best bet. There are a bunch of FAQs on Black Fridye website regarding fabrics, deliveries etc as well. 

What to do next

Select the garments you want to blacken. Think about your friends. Who would love this idea? As clothes need to be in the mail to Citizen Wolf before Xmas, you will need to tell your friends of your plan and extract their clothes from their wardrobe ready to send.

Who is in the Black Fridye Coalition

Citizen Wolf have been joined by a many other businesses since the initiative began 2 years ago. 


ABCH • Arnsdorf • Bobby Universe • Carlie Ballard • Citizen Wolf • Etiko • Lois Hazel • Nique • Good Day Girl • Good On You • Thread Harvest • Seljak Brand • Well Made Clothes 

Food & Beverage

Butter • Edition Coffee Roasters • Hawke’s Brewing Co. • Sample Coffee • Willie The Boatman


Annie Hamilton • A_C Collective • Auor • Dempstah • One Small Step • For Good Design Lab • Serpent & The Swan

About Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf is re-engineering the way clothes are made at scale to be both custom fit and carbon negative. T-shirts are our proof of concept with everything made on-demand in Sydney within 7 days in our state of the art factory which is also our shop and open to the public.

Distilled from 196 million data points, our proprietary Magic Fit® technology replaces the measuring tape with simple biometrics to automate the process of tailoring from home. Magic Fit® needs only your height, weight and age (plus bra for women) to create a 94% accurate mathematical model of your body which we use to create custom-fit garments faster and more accurately than a human tailor. Because we make only what we sell and send nothing to landfill, Citizen Wolf produces 48% less carbon than the legacy fast fashion equivalent. But we go five steps further to be truly carbon negative by offsetting 5 kg of carbon for every one kg created via Verified Carbon Standard accredited forestry projects in Tasmania. We are also proudly Ethical Clothing Australia certified, plus we’ve opted into the federal Modern Slavery Act.

You have 3 choices Black Friday

  1. Get caught up in all the Black Friday sales bullshit and create more shit
  2. Don't participate
  3. Do something with the shit you already have. And ask your friends to do the same.

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Simone N

I LOVE IT! In fact I was just contemplating how to dye some of my loved but stained or needing updating pieces so this is perfect :-D Thursday, 26 November 2020