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Outer and underwear fashion is going sustainable

Outer and underwear fashion is going sustainable

The global pandemic has changed the way we are purchasing fashion generally - including how women are purchasing bras

Around the world, lockdowns and our new work from home lives has seen a staggering casualisation of fashion. We now value comfort, well-made clothing that falls well, feels good and that lasts. We have smaller wardrobes, with far less occasions to wear garments.

Resale sites are outstripping new clothes and awareness of sustainabilty - in how new garments are made, buying landfill-bound end-of-season garments or buying secondhand are the big winners from a tech driven home stay pandemic. Technical innovation, a more discerning consumer group with time on their hands, and sustainability come together and change the market with a better footprint for the industry.

This month, The Very Good Bra surveyed over 700 of its repeat customers around the world to understand how our end of the underwear market was responding among the broader fashion industry.

Broad  evidence of growing sustainablity consciousness

A staggering 56% of respondents to the survey said that the most important factor in new clothing purchases was avoiding plastics and synthetics. This is fantastic news which demonstrates increasing awareness of the impact of synthetic textile waste on our air (during manufacture of virgin synthetic products) our oceans (during laundering) and the impact of landfill at the end of a product’s life. 

Consistent with the casualisation of our wardrobes, we found that 38% of our customers stopped wearing wired bras and 35% of our customers say the global pandemic has made them choose sustainable options more frequently.

Sustainability comittments beyond garments

The Very Good Bra were very excited to discover that 69% of our customers have composts and 30% worm farms! Almost 80% want a take-back programme so we are working on that. 

Sales evidence supports sustainability claims

Around the world, sustainable fashion has seen big growth, particularly as the pandemic has worn on. The Very Good Bra reported our best quarter ever in terms of sales and see big growth ahead, including the new sage green which is also selling fast. Pre-sale ends midnight 1st October 2021.

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