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3 Easy Deodorants in a Hurry That Actually Work

3 Easy Deodorants in a Hurry That Actually Work

You'll be showing everyone your underarms with these solutions

Incredibly, some of the best deodorant you will ever find anywhere, ever, is lurking in your pantry. Deodorant that is simple, easy to use and cheap!  And as an added bonus, if you are an environmental warrior, you need never buy another plastic container full of some dubious substance again. 

I have personally used all these options and know they work. Lemons and limes aren't so good if you have just shaved, but do work.  Even if you aren't convinced to make the switch, at least know that if you are ever caught out of deodorant, or away without it, these options will tide you over.

1. Limes: A slice of lime, wiped under your arm. That's it!

2. Lemons: Just like limes, cut a slice and wipe it. That's it!

3. Bicarbonate Soda:  Dab some bicarbonate soda powder under your arm. Use naturally mined Bicarb if you can. (Sometimes it is called organic, even as it's a bit hard to get  your head around how that works.)

How it Works:

It's not you. It's them. Even the cleanest person can get bad odour. It is not actually the person who smells, but the under arm bacteria that is whiffy and that is what bicarbonate soda kills.


While you have the bicarbonate soda out, you might want to consider what else you can use it for, like Toothpaste. Bicarbonate soda is a fantastic personal care travel companion. 

Something stronger?

If you need a little more help than a pinch of bicarb or a squeeze of lemon or lime, there are plenty of excellent natural deodorants around and you'll find them under Personal Care in Shop

If you want to go direct to Rustic Peppermint, Erica Brooke or No Pong, just click the link to their shop. 

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Simone N

Love this - less landfill than all that packaging with supermarket deodorant! Monday, 24 September 2018