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7 Immune Defence Tips

7 Immune Defence Tips

Your immunity is your greatest weapon against any virus. This means working on yourself at every level

Building a brand like OrganiQ around natural healing and botanical extracts, we are well researched in what our body needs both inside and out. So here are my tips and proven techniques to put you in the best possible position to maintain a strong immune system in any circumstance.

Lower Stress

Increased stress means increased inflammation and an instantly compromised and weaker immune system. Meditation, yoga, hugs with loved ones at home, art, music and warm baths are all helpful techniques to reduce stress.


Never underestimate the power of aromatherapy in transforming your mind and nourishing your body. OrganiQ has a Hand Cream and Mist containing coastal grown lavender that we use every day. Applying hand cream is a nurturing massage and helps to improve circulation. The mist can be sprayed directly on the face or as a room mist and linen spray for an instant hit of calm.


When our stress levels are high our sleep is often impacted however sleep is our healing time. And at least 8 hours is optimal. Rest is not lazy, it is essential in keeping you at the top of your game. A dark quiet environment with limited technology is optimal.

Replace Social Media with Skill Building

If you are going to spend time online use the internet to bring value to your day rather than depressed and often misinformed news that seems to capture people as we are all hungry for facts. But once we are hit with too much our mind becomes overwhelmed with Oh No’s and What If's. Pick up a language, a craft, or even step away from technology completely and clean your house, cleaning space has been proven to improve mood and sense of well-being as we remove and adjust clutter that may have been compiling for years.

Send a Message or Call a Friend

There can never be too many kind words floating around in times like these.


Eat fresh and organic where possible. Vegetables, fruit and good quality lean protein. I supplement with a blend of organic powders to ensure that I am getting a massive dose of antioxidants and nutrients. But at least do your best to eat all the colors of the rainbow.

Every Single Day - Hug a Loved One (not in isolation)

Hugging (and sex) naturally creates oxytocin. Known as the love hormone, oxytocin has a positive impact on social behaviors related to: relaxation, trust, overall psychological stability. It has also been shown to decrease stress and anxiety levels when released into certain parts of the brain. Hug tight and let those close to you know how much they mean to you. (Pets are included in hugging - and right now might be the only one you can hug!)


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