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5 Lifestyle Apps for Eco-Foodies

5 Lifestyle Apps for Eco-Foodies

If you are into personal development and challenging yourself is your thing, these apps let you play around with some ways to change your lifestyle and then measure your positive impact. 

The Darwin Challenge

Inspired by Charles Darwin, and brought to life by Chris Darwin, his great-great-grandson, The Darwin Challenge App tracks the days you don’t eat meat, and shows you the difference you make. From improvements to your health and wellbeing, to animal welfare, human rights, and the world, you’ll be amazed by the benefits of going meat free, just one or more days a week.

The Darwin Challenge prompted people to have meat-free days for better health, to help the environment or both. If you are doing “Meat Free Mondays” you are on the right path. 

The Climatarian Challenge

The Climatarian Challenge is meat focused and teaches you to eat in a carbon-conscious way for 30 days.  You will start the month with a budget of 8000 carbon points which is equivalent to 80 kilograms of carbon. Each time you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner all you need to do is open The Climatarian Challenge App and record the type of meat the meal contained and the approximate serving size of the portion of meat in the meal. 

The app will calculate the carbon footprint of your meal and subtract it from your budget. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to finish the month with carbon points to spare.

Less App (Eat Less Meat)

Can’t quite bring yourself to a 30-day challenge? Then the 7-day Less App might be for you. Less lets you take charge of your meat consumption and shift to a more balanced, healthy, and sustainable diet. Track your meals and stay within your personal 7-day target to build up streaks. Get better insights into your meat-eating habits and the impact they have on our environment, and share your progress towards a plant-based diet with your friends.

Eco-Impact Tracking - TODAY

TODAY is a daily personal eco-impact tracker - a sustainable living app for a better tomorrow. TODAY helps you track and share the positive impact of your social and environmental choices, giving you one small challenge you can take each day to tackle the issues of sustainability, pollution, climate change at a personal level, a community level, and as a collective.  

Chemeleon Food Additive Guide

Not just for the eco-consumer, this handy app is for those who like to read labels. If you've ever been confused about the foreign looking and cryptic ingredient names and numbers that appear on the ingredients lists on some of the products you've purchased, don’t be! Chemeleon is here to help!

All you have to do is type in a name or number and Chemeleon will instantly let you know if the chemical or ingredient is harmful, should be avoided or safe to eat.

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