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The Circle Award Winner - Bury Your Bra

The Circle Award Winner - Bury Your Bra

This story is inspiration for anyone who ever wanted to bury their bra, start a love business and literally change the way bras are made

Anyone can do this, even if you don't wear a bra, but you'll have to buy someone elses. Stephanie Devine left the financial services industry 5 years ago after surviving a near miss with breast cancer. Last month she won one of The Circle Awards for her The Very Good Bra and it's now on the shelf with a host of other awards, including a Best in Class Good Design Australia. Stephanie began designing non wire bras when she couldn't find any that weren't maternity bras after her breast cancer fight. As she began to realise what was actually in a bra, she began work to drive all the plastic and other chemicals out of them.

Fast forward 5 years and The Very Good Bra is the only bra on the planet that you'd want to be seen wearing, that is fully compostable. It is so pure and biodegradable that you can literally bury it in the back yard and feed it to worms when you're done with it. In a world where #circulareconomy is 'word de jour', this bra is an excellent example of an actual circular economy product.


The Very Good Bra's Circle Awards win featured in the Sustainable Innovation category.

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