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The Very Good Bra Still on Pre-Order

The Very Good Bra Still on Pre-Order

Since Boody went mainstream and really amped up the more sustainable alternatives to traditional underwear, there seems to be a constant stream of bamboo, organic and other eco undies and bras on the market.

The pin up offer of the year though has to be The Very Good Bra which is the world's first zero waste bra (and undies). It launched on Kickstarter last month and has just extended a pre-order opportunity before the campaign shuts down entirely. If you want one, you need to order now as the company don't intend to hold stock in this line, or wholesale.

The reason for this is the quality of the components and it's simply too expensive to do either of these options so the only way to buy for now is via Kickstarter or the current pre-order link.

Developed by Stephanie Devine, a Sydney lingerie designer, The Very Good Bra raised $69,088.32 from 611 backers on Kickstarter last month. It is now on Backerkit for last orders until 15th July, when Stephanie absolutely has to start manufacturing. 

So if you missed out on Kickstarter, due to minimum fabric orders The Very Good Bra have the capacity to sell a limited number more before they have to lock down orders with the factory so be sure you head over to Backerlit before 15th July before they are gone. 

The Very Good Bra raised $69,000 in their 30 day crowdfund, having hit their initial goal of $20,000 in 48 hours. 

Stephanie says that she will continue with crowdfunders for this line if people really like the product when they receive it. It makes sense financially, philosophically and spiritually, to effectively just make sizes to order, minimising waste! She is also considering a subscription service.

If you are holding out for colours other than black, Stephanie says that she will do another colour early next year. 

Meantime the company is working on a zero-waste sleepwear in development for pre-order for Christmas delivery so make sure you check in with progress. 

Images: The Very Good Bra

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