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‘Bugs Off’ with Eucalyptus Oil

‘Bugs Off’ with Eucalyptus Oil

Possibly the most versatile essential oil, among a hundred other things, Eucalyptus oil is very effective at keeping all kinds of bugs out of your house

Keep away moths or silverfish in your cupboards by spraying or wiping drawer liners or cupboard walls with straight eucalyptus oil. A drop of oil on a padded coat hanger will then continue to deter the little critters as well as freshen the air! 

In the same way, ants and cockroaches stay away if you wipe down areas where you’re prone to getting them. Put 3 or 4 drops of eucalyptus on a cotton ball and place it  in the areas for long term deterrence. Make sure you refresh it consistently - or add it to your cleaning water.

All kinds of uses for Eucalyptus oil

Add eucalyptus oil, about 3-5 drops, to your washing cycle when washing linens, towels, quilts, blankets or pillows to kill off dust mites. Eucalyptus oil can be used straight to remove adhesive sticker/decal residue from glass.

Eucalyptus oil is and extremely versatile oil as a cleaner, odour absorber, antiseptic, antimicrobial, flavourer, disinfectant and pest controller.

Eucalyptus oil is used in a lot of medicines and inhalants, especially in products for coughs and colds; as a fragrance in detergents and rinses and as a solvent.

The leaves and oil from the Eucalyptus tree have been used for centuries by Australian aboriginal people to heal wounds and fungal infections.

Go local - Australian

Some of the 'Eucalyptus Oil' made in China is derived from camphor oil rather than eucalyptus. Not all Chinese Eucalyptus oil is camphor, but if you want to be sure, look for Australian grown product

Image: Unsplash - Liliana Eira
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