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Bamboo bedding infused with coffee grounds

Bamboo bedding infused with coffee grounds

Ettitude are crowd funding through Kickstarter to launch this incredible new range of linen. They have already passed their funding target and are well on their way to their next goal.

Ettitude has created a range of bamboo and coffee, sustainable bedding that absorbs odor and dries faster than any other bedding in the world to avoid the growth of bacteria - saving you time, water and electricity.

These incredible bamboo coffee sheets are a blend of Ettitude's signature Bamboo Lyocell fabric and reclaimed coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds may seem like an unlikely sleep partner but by harnessing coffee’s natural ability to block odors, these sheets have excellent odor neutralizing and moisture wicking abilities, so your sheets can stay fresh for longer. (You seriously don't want to know how much you sweat during the night - some people up to a litre.) 

According to Ettitude, their bamboo coffee sheets can wick away moisture 50% faster than cotton. When you realise that you lose up to a litre of sweat a night, you start to see why this point is so important. 

The anti microbial, thermo regulating qualities of these sheets will reputedly give you the best night's sleep you ever dreamed, literally. 

Ettitude's offers on Kickstarter are really good value - so get behind them and get yourself a fantastic set of linen at the same time!

Pic: Ettitude

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