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The Best of Aussie Corporate Vegan Fashion

The Best of Aussie Corporate Vegan Fashion

I have been contacted a few times lately by C level types looking for good quality vegan corporate wear and accessories. These enquiries tend to be a bit of a rabbit hole because they are surprisingly hard to find and if you find one thing for them, like a bag, they come back and ask for a recommendation on another - shoes, clothes, tights, socks, undies. Then it's home furnishings & linen. (At which point I send them to or their PA to find out for themselves.)

There does appear to be a real gap in the Aussie market at the corporate end of town, especially for straight buttoned, semi precious C Level types who don't want to rock up to the next board meeting with a back pack.  If you aren't one of these types, for starters, you'll be wondering what I am talking about and they are CEO, CIO, COO, CTO etc. (Anything with a C in front of it or a direct report. Usually the C stands for Chief - as opposed to any other suspect name calling. Some of the Cs have become an F for Founder, but they are mostly branded to the back pack.) 

So who makes this stuff? A lot of high end vegan clothing is offshore, starting with the vegan queen herself (except for her gently shorn sheep clothes), Stella McCartney. There are several others - Denise Roobool in Germany | Angela Roi, Jill Milan, Melie Bianco, Vaute Couture in USA |  Matt & Nat in Canada.

Back home in Australia, we sent out shoppers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as online and they came back with good news and bad news. There is definitely a lot of vegan product around, and the quality is improving, but there isn't much for laced up corporates. 

Velvety and Small World Dreams have a pile of fantastic vegan products, including Piñatex (pineapple) leather, but most are casual wear. 

The best all round retailer we found was Vegan Style based in Melbourne. They have a decent range of good quality, quietly spoken (laced up) shoes, bags and back packs (!) at reasonable prices. 

If you are a seller, even just a range of quality corporate vegan fashion or accessories, or a buyer of great vegan fashion, we'd love to hear from you

Images in order: Vegan Style | Stella McCartney | Angela Roi | Vegan Style

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